What Affects My Car’s Value?

Puente Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram - What Affects My Car's Value?

Puente Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram – What Affects My Car’s Value?

Used vehicles sometimes sell for two or three times what a person paid for them in this pre-owned car market. Don’t devalue your vehicle this year in a rush to sell it quickly. Really examine what your vehicle might be worth based on the most important pricing factors in City of Industry California. Puente Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram buys pre-owned models frequently. We see both budget models and certified pre-owned models, so we have a great idea of how to fairly pay for your model.

What Affects My Car’s Value?

We have four major factors we look at before offering money for a vehicle in City of Industry California. Each one of these factors is something you can evaluate on your own before you sell your car.

Condition and Collision History

Condition takes into account the condition of your interior, exterior, mechanical systems, and powertrain. Your resale value is based heavily on the way your model looks both inside and outside. If you have clean, undamaged carpeting, seating, steering wheel, and trunk, then your vehicle is worth more to a buyer. The same goes for the exterior. If you’ve got no major scratches or dents on the vehicle and your auto glass is in good shape, it’s likely you’ll get closer to what your vehicle is worth and even more. This is one of the biggest things you’ll hear about when you ask what affects my car’s value in City of Industry.

Your Mileage History

There are some vehicles that have a better reputation for being durable past high mileage points, but mileage will always matter to buyers. Buyers view a vehicle with a heavily critical eye on miles. If your model is very low mileage, you’re in great shape. If you’re pushing 100,000 miles, you still might be able to get a higher than average price at Puente Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Very high miles, though, such as a vehicle over 200,000 miles, will get less on resale than lower mileage models.

Your Vehicle’s Brand and Model

In America, certain brands just carry greater prestige. You’ll usually get more for a Chrysler 300 than you will for a non-luxury model. Strong off-roaders like the Jeep Wrangler have a rugged appeal that inspires a greater resale value than less respected models. When answering the question of what affects my car’s value, remember that brand name does matter here. Strong brands like Chrysler and Ram draw more money than more economical options.

What to Fix Before Selling

Not everyone wants to renovate before selling a vehicle, and if you’re selling to a dealership then you might not even have to worry so much about reconditioning. We can handle that for you. However, if you’re selling privately, then you’ll want to invest some money to really fix the big stuff.

Cosmetic Issues

Your auto glass and frame condition matter. Take a look at your vehicle and see if there are any major cosmetic issues that are going to affect the price of your model. If there is, a new paint job or new auto glass might help increase the value.

New wheels/Tires

Bad tires are a real issue for some buyers and will even send them scrambling away. If you’ve got very worn tires, get a new set before resale. This is a big deal for some buyers and signals that you didn’t care very well for your vehicle. It’s also one of the least expensive issues to fix.


Before selling, you can get an inspection of the mechanical issues. Just knowing what issues are there might help you fix a few major issues before selling. Engine and suspension issues are usually immediately obvious to a buyer during a test drive. If they can’t control the car or can’t hear themselves think because the engine is so loud, then they might walk away quickly. When you ask yourself what affects my car’s value in City of Industry, always think of mechanical issues, too. These are the ones that affect reliability, so buyers really care about this.

If you’re ready to see what we might pay for your vehicle, stop by to give us a full tour of the model you want to sell. We’ll give you an offer. Also serving Cerritos, Downey, and Alhambra California.

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