New Ram 2022 Ram 1500 vs 2022 Chevrolet 1500 – Los Angeles Area for Sale in City of Industry, CA l Los Angeles area

2022 Ram 1500 vs 2022 Chevrolet 1500 – Los Angeles Area

2022 Ram 1500 vs 2022 Chevrolet 1500 - Los Angeles Area
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2022 Ram 1500 Overview

Two of the most popular pickup trucks on American roads are the Ram 1500 and the Silverado 1500. Both of these are full-size pickups that offer you many ways to personalize your vehicle, and both automakers recently introduced their latest versions. The 2022 Ram 1500 now available at Puente Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram arrives with some notable updates, including more standard and available equipment and a number of new variant editions, such as the G/T and 10th Anniversary model. The new Silverado arrives with some significant changes as well, such as an available 13.4-inch touchscreen, and with that in mind, let us compare the 2022 Ram 1500 vs 2022 Chevrolet 1500 Silverado.

Los Angeles CA - 2022 Ram 1500's Overview

Exterior – Ram Dealer serving Los Angeles CA

Our location offers the Ram 1500 in three configurations: a quad cab with a 76-inch box, a crew cab with a 76-inch box and a crew cab with a 67-inch box. Both cab options are extended cabs. The main difference is that the quad is smaller and features smaller rear doors that open toward the tailgate. The 2022 Chevrolet 1500 is available with either a double cab or a crew cab. These are similar in size and configuration to the Ram options. Ram just uses a different name for its extended cab. The Chevrolet double is paired with a 79-inch box. Its crew cab is available with a 79-inch or 70-inch box. Note the Chevrolet does offer a traditional two-door regular cab as well. We will not focus on it here, but if that is the style that interests you, we recommend comparing the Silverado to the Ram 1500 Classic instead.

Los Angeles CA - 2022 Ram 1500's Exterior

Interior – 2022 Ram 1500 near Los Angeles CA

Cab and bed choice not only dictate the overall size of the vehicle but cabin spaciousness. All four of the extended cabs we have discussed thus far seat six in their standard configuration. But Ram and Chevrolet both offer front bucket seats, which reduces the seating capacity to five, and that choice is available with many of the trim levels and becomes standard later in the lineups. If front headroom and legroom are important to you, you will find that there is not much difference between either of these makes across both of their cab options. If you are leaning toward a smaller extended cab, you will find a lot of similarity here as well with both models offering about 35 inches of rear legroom. But the crew cabs are by far the most popular option, and Ram is the clear winner offering the most legroom in the class. It affords more than 45 inches, which is just about a full 2 inches more than the Silverado.

Los Angeles CA - 2022 Ram 1500's Interior

Ram 1500 Mechanical specs

This section will be the focal point of this 2022 Ram 1500 vs 2022 Chevrolet 1500 comparison for most readers, and this is an area where Ram stands out. If you are choosing your pickup as a commuter and a light-use utility vehicle, it has hard to beat the Tradesman HFE because it delivers some of the best fuel performance in the class. If you plan to use your truck to tow often, the Ram is also the superior option because it offers the higher max tow rating and provides more capabilities for less cost earlier in the lineup. If it is important to you to have a V8, we also like the Ram because it has eTorque, which delivers better fuel performance than the V8 models that are available for the 2022 Chevrolet 1500.

Los Angeles CA - 2022 Ram 1500's Mechanical

Technology – Ram Dealership near Los Angeles CA

Critics prefer the new Uconnect 5 system to the Chevrolet Infotainment 3 System found in the 2022 Chevrolet 1500, and that is the one area where one truck really stands apart from the other. Both of these trucks are quite sophisticated if you want them to be, but both automakers offer these items as options. If you want advanced driver-assistance technologies, those are available in both cases. You also have the option of advanced trailering-assistance technologies, including a digital rearview mirror, and both vehicles offer tech niceties, such as wireless charging and in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot.

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