2020 Dodge Journey Lease and Specials in City of Industry CA
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Dodge Journey Lease Specials and Finance Offers in City of Industry CA near West Covina, Anaheim

Why Buy or Lease 2020 Dodge Journey in City of Industry CA

The new standard third-row seat of the Journey is but one of many new renovations for this model year. As a serious contender for best SUV in its price range, the 2020 Dodge Journey knows how to do the little things well. This year's base model was dubbed the "SE Value," one of the changes to the trim lineup that might interest our customers here. Puente Hills Dodge lease specials will be ongoing throughout the rest of this year, serving City of Industry West Covina Anaheim Cerritos buyers with a cool way to take a Journey home today. Let's find out why you'll want to take us up on that offer.

*Not actual vehicle

City of Industry CA - 2020 Dodge Journey's Overview

Exterior - 2020 Dodge Journey

The biggest news on the Dodge Journey exterior in 2020 is the unique packages that Dodge gives you. They wanted the design of the Journey to be flexible this year, molded to your own unique vision for what you want your SUV to look like. Several packages are at your disposal. The Blacktop Package gives you black aluminum wheels and many blacked out details on the Journey. An SE Value Popular Equipment Group gives you more interior-related details that we'll cover next up. However, the SE Value has a nice experience on the outside from the beginning. With its 17-inch steel wheels and more muscular build this year, along with revamped headlights more sculpted in a modern curvature, you'll see much improvement in the 2020 Dodge Journey in Industry City. This economical SUV continues to roam the world looking more like an upscale option. No one will be the wiser about your low, low price tag.

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City of Industry CA - 2020 Dodge Journey's Exterior

Interior - 2020 Dodge Journey in City of Industry

The 2020 Dodge Journey in Industry City is consistently underrated. Its interior is much more posh than you might imagine. For example, the SE Value trim does offer up a 6-speaker stereo system (whereas most budget models offer up only a 4-speaker system). It also gives you cloth seating that's unusually easy to clean for cloth. If you grab the SE Value Popular Equipment Group, you get a leather-wrapped shift knob and steering wheel and even three-zone climate control, something that just about every other SUV in a similar price point doesn't even give you as an option at all. Your Crossroad is even nicer. Its 8.4" touchscreen infotainment system and optional heated front seats and steering wheel give you a glimpse into the "nicer than you'd think" interior of the Journey. Why pay more for the same features? Puente Hills Dodge lease specials allow you to save money off your basics and then have enough left over to grab equipment packages and optional features.

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City of Industry CA - 2020 Dodge Journey's Interior

Mechanical - Dodge Journey specs in City of Industry CA

A lone powertrain is ideal for a to the point SUV like the Journey. Its 2.4L engine rates at 173 horsepower and 166 lb-ft of torque. Mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission, its exterior design works nicely with the powertrain to give you a comfortable, smooth drive. No one buys a Journey for the powertrain, but it's considerate that Dodge generously gives us more than we pay for on the Journey.

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City of Industry CA - 2020 Dodge Journey's Mechanical

Technology & Safety - 2020 Dodge Journey dealer

The aforementioned 8.4" touchscreen infotainment system gets upscale technology features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Integrate your smartphone information into your Dodge Journey's infotainment system and have your world at your fingertips while you're on the go. A premium audio system is even available when you opt for the Popular Equipment Group. You may be seeing a trend here. You can go budget on your Journey, but you can also get the equipment packages and score fantastic savings on those "must have" features that so many people today over-pay for when they pick other SUVs. The Journey never makes you overpay!

Safety systems are the one thing that Dodge spares no expense on in the Journey. You'll benefit from features like the advanced Parkview rear backup camera and Parksense rear park assist system. It boasts dynamic guidelines that highlight your path and make it easier to see just where your Journey needs to go as you're reversing or parking. Its dual-phase steel protective frame is capable of "handling greater loads and managing more energy in case of impact." Thanks to the driver-assist features, you'll likely never have a crash at all, but it's great peace of mind to know that if you do, the Journey is capable of protecting your family in that down to earth, practical way as well. Seven advanced airbag feature multi-stages for extra protection (and there's standard crumple zones as well).

Test Drive the 2020 Journey

The Journey isn't given nearly enough attention every year, and that's why we love to fill people in one the surprising and great news. This is one tough, attractive SUV that gives you more than just a bare bones experience. Dodge gives you great flexibility in decorating around your Journey. Get the features you want and save money by not getting the features you don't. Call us today to test drive one of our very special Journey trims.

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